Attention Men & Women: Are You Tired of Feeling Badly about Yourself & Your Body?

Bonnie Gayle, age 24 Bonnie Gayle, age 48
Pain Points
        •Hateful •Failure •Sad
        •Bingeing •Purging •Angry
        •Unhappy •Depressed •Hurt
        •Miserable •Worthless
        •Miserable •Frustrated
        •Guilty •Undeserving
        •Out-of-Control •Existing
        •Isolated •Shameful
Pleasure Points
        •Loving •Respected •Grateful
        •Happy •Peaceful •Inspiring
        •Trusted •Cherished •Nurturing
        •Authentic •Determined •Alive
        •Compassionate •Open
        •Joyous •Free •Hopeful
        •Healthy •Appreciative

“I completely relate and understand that most people don’t look and feel as they would like, especially if they are in their disease. When someone is ready there are positive ways to change and move toward those goals. Overcoming the vicious cycle begins by taking the first step of being open to getting support, willing to go within, and doing the ‘release work’ needed to let go of what is keeping one from moving forward. It takes a lot of nurturing, self love, and being kind to oneself as you unveil. It really is ‘an inside job’. I’ve been down the road and I know. Releasing the negativity from your mind and body is the most worthwhile thing that will forever change your life for the better in every way.”

~ Bonnie Gayle My Services

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  1. Lynda Sacks says:

    This is such a stellar video ! I hope that both men and women who land on your site ,reach out and contact you .Since we have been working together, I have learned to love my body. I now can actually look in the mirror naked and love what I see.You have taught me so much . I am so grateful to have you by my side. I now truly understand the importance of being connected to my physical body. Thank you .Yes, you were meant to be “BIG” and yes, you were meant to help ‘Many”….

  2. Heather says:

    “Bonnie Gayle Body Image in California | Body Liberator” ended
    up being a terrific article, cannot help but wait to look at far more of ur articles.
    Time to waste a little time on the web lol. Thanks a
    lot ,Jeanne

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