Battling with our Body – Where did it Begin?

Self acceptance or Self deprecation?  Which do most people choose?  Unfortunately, it’s the latter of the two.  The question is why and where does it come from?

1.  When our mom doesn’t and didn’t love her body, especially during pregnancy when it changed in all kinds of uncomfortable ways, we got those messages infused into us.  We were born with a negative predisposition to not liking our body. Those messages are infused into our cellular memory unless we do something to release them.

2. The media reinforces feelings of inadequacy and lack of.  We look at pictures everyday of images of people who are not even real looking.  They are so perfect that there is no room for even a slight flaw.  Skin is appearing so smooth, without pores, wrinkles, lines, bags, scars, acne, or anything else that would take away from perfection.

3.  Photoshop is now the alteration of choice.  Yes, that makes it easy for magazines and billboards to sell the products inside however is shaving off half a persons body parts really necessary?  If so, then why?  Would that dress or pant or whatever is being sold not look good on a real body?  If that’s the case, what’s it going to look like when we go to the store and try it on in our real bodies that haven’t been altered via Photoshop?

4.  Religion plays a role in it all for many.  Rules and negativity to showing arms, shoulder, legs, faces should not have to be covered up because they are too racey.  I agree with not exposing ALL your genitals and more personal body parts.  It is 2012, not the dark ages so I do believe we should not be so covered, especially out of historical guilt or shame.  We as females have a right to not feel as free as possible without baring it all inappropriately.

5.  The messages we receive from others.  This one is so powerful and can ruin us in so many ways.  I’ve been told stories by women and men of parents, friends, acquaintances and others who have continuously engrained messages into their heads about how ugly they are and worthless.  This is so painful and really needs to STOP NOW.  We are all here to bring beauty in our gifts we came here with.  When we are told such negativity that affects us so greatly, we close off those gifts to the world and shut down.  We go inside and then the real nightmare begins.

6.  That little voice inside our head – the “inner critic” is now out.  When this happens we really have been affected.  Now we are telling ourselves how stupid, ugly, fat, worthless, disgusting, and so on and so on.  This really shuts us down quickly.  Each time a little bit more of us closes up.  And soon we are either so shut down we isolate, start up an eating disorder, feel suicidal, or just simply exist with no vitality of life.  This is a living hell.

This is the most shocking part.  I have read stats which vary a little however what I’ve found is that only 2-4% of females think they are beautiful.  That means that at least 96% of women feel badly about their bodies on any given day.  Negative body image affects everything you do in life and with these stats we are lucky if 4% of females are actually living life out loud, fully.  Are you one of the 4% or are you one of the 96%?

The piece of great news I have to share is that there is help.

1. You CAN help yourself by doing release work.  Release work is a process that really requires you to write with specific intention releasing all of the negative feelings that are no longer serving you along with releasing what’s in your cellular memory from the past that you are most likely adding to daily.

2. Body Resets are the remedy for the cellular release and they are something you can do easily in less than 5 minutes a day.

For more information on releasing yourself from your negative body image, feel free to contact me at

Thank you,

Bonnie Gayle



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